Perhaps It’s

Oh! The sun is rising, it is shining on us, feels good.

We’re looking at each other and smiling.

The happiness in this moment, can we have it every day?

It’s like a dream, I don’t wish to wake up.

It’s strange to hear your own heart beating so loud. Feels like it would jump out and reveal everything. Even the mind has lost control. How did it happen? How could he unlock the ever forbidden door? I didn’t realize it the first time I saw you. And I don’t understand it even now when I see you every day. It might have started with your eyes as I remember being mesmerized. Or it could have been your voice because they had the same effect too. Anyways, how did you do that?


It started like a little fever which I hoped would be cured with time. Like a fool, I did things I never would. Spoke like, I never would. Acted like, I never would. Slowly I started being not me. Sometimes I would wonder at myself, reason myself, inspect myself just to conclude there was nothing wrong with me. Spending a little extra time in front of the mirror, just to impress you. Waiting for you at the bus stand so we could be side by side. Walked a little faster just to catch your behind. Yet pretending to be all cool at the same time.

Perhaps it’s something,

Perhaps this feel is not only my own.

Perhaps you know it too.



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