Adrift ❣

“My mind is on a voyage unsettled.”

“I plan to see glittering oceans, while resting on sand. With warm breeze encircling me, I wish to relax all day.”


            It has been a familiar complication with folks of our generation. We are stuck between the choices of either following the traditional path or pursuing our dreams. Of course yes there are some brave ones who don’t take much time making choices. However there are some who can spend countless moments switching our minds. Well we want to have it all, and having it all ain’t easy.

A ship in harbour is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.

           I know I should be out there, building my own castle in this world. But here I’m still in my safe zone, analysing various routines I should be opting for. Why am I here? when I’ve the hour and zeal to be out there. It ain’t my lethargic stance, it is my muddled mind. Although I have an imagination, a big picture, I wish to be part of.

“I plan to embark a journey within the dense woods. To feel the alluring sunshine while I march through it.”

“I hope to fill my eyes with magnificent night sky. Let me feel stark as I doze off beneath it.”

            Hope I had an answer to this jeopardy, I would’ve been concluding it on a better note. I’m too in the midst of finding my heart’s desire. If only I had known that, figuring life out won’t be so difficult. Then again that’s the thrill of life. It’s a cruise unexplored.


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