The reason it hurts so much to separate is because our souls are connected.

~Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

            I wish he knew that I can’t survive without him. I wish he knew that I’ll always miss him. Hope this would stop him from leaving.

            I wish he felt my grief in a world without him. I wish he felt my anguish. Hope this would stop us parting.

            I miss him, his love, his smile, his support. I miss being near him. I miss being adored by him. I miss being cared. I wish those broken promises to complete.

            I’m doomed, lost, perplexed. I’m sinking in this achromatic world. Won’t you rescue me? I agonize you won’t.

            I really wish I’d started my life backwards with old age striking me in the beginning. Fathom life with handling diseases. Meet you on a cheerful spring day when life seemed frivolous. Relish the moments while being young. Losing you when I’m too young to remember.

            Nevertheless I don’t regret knowing you this way. For being young and reckless. For I have this wonderful collage of memories to cherish.

            Maybe some people are meant to stay in our hearts and not in our lives. Although I wish that he could see me. How I’ve been, how I’ve grown. But I guess, C’EST LA VIE.

            I had a chance to know a wonderful person for that I’m grateful.


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