“I see the future when I look up at the sky.

I see magic when I look at the seas.

I see Elysium when I look at the nature.

Why don’t they see? The beauty we dwell with.”

            Have you ever imagined earth, you won’t see? After 100 years or so, do we really believe for humans to live as they do now? The earth we have known has evolved through ages. It wasn’t the same 100 years back and it won’t be after the next 100. From the ice age to current stage living conditions have changed and so has the manner of living.

Like us this ground is breathing too, evolving with every passing time. It will be remoulded. It might take some harsh shattering but isn’t this is responsible for creation of life.


 We breathe pure magic. We savour delicacies so fine.

We experience things in colours as the rainbow described.

We perceive melodies that bring bliss.

We sleep with the blanket of embedded jewels on.

We live in heaven holding goblets of elixir.

Why don’t they realize? The art they are trying to create is already there.”

            With the rate natural calamities have been taking place from the past few years; it is no surprise there is one major waiting to happen. And it will sweep off everything.

The parameters of existence will change. Yet we will survive, as the human mind is a fire to be kindled and it will create something from nothing.

The change is inescapable. Till then all we can do is treasure the present we have. For the future is uncertain. And the past is way gone to return.

 “Take a quiet walk with Mother Nature.

It will nurture your mind, body and soul.”


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